The SCADA subsystem TINDUSTRY serves for supervision and control of industrial technological processes like production lines, technological sections with many robots as in the mechanical engineering industry, automobile industry etc.


The main functions of the SCADA subsystem TINDUSTRY are:

  • surveilling the robots, machines and devices inside technological sections, production lines, factory halls etc.
  • processing and analyzing information coming from machines, measuring- and control devices inside production lines
  • coordinating and synchronizing the actions of separate device/robot groups
  • creating and executing commands for control of technological devices like robots, transport knots etc.
  • sending information to the Human Machine Interface – HMI for visualization of technological processes
  • sending information to the Historical Information Server – HIS for archiving and logging of technological events, alarms, system disturbances, operator’s actions etc.
  • analyzing the capacity and productivity of knots, technological sections, production lines etc.