TELECONT – nearly 30 years of experience in the creation of Automation Systems


The TELECONT company was created by the head of “Systems and Software for Remote Control Systems” department at former Bulgarian “Institute of Scientific Research for Complex Automation” at the end of 1991. The institute consisted of 1200 employees and had 65 years history. It was heavily involved in many state funded projects related to the automation process inside all industry’s branches in Bulgaria – machinery, chemistry, metallurgy, transport etc.

TELECONT developed the first SCADA system between 1991 and 1993. The first application was a scada system for supervision and control to 15 “110 KV” substations in one of the power distribution companies. Subsequently, about 10 more systems were produced, which supported roughly 100 electrical substations for electric power distribution with different voltage levels. In the beginning of 2000 an Energy Management System (EMS) was developed which now covers about 1000 energy meters and other intelligent measuring devices.

TELECONT develops systems for subway train control from 2005. The automation includes the control of substations and other technological devices inside the subway, i.e. tunnel fans, lights, dikes etc. Eight stations of “Metropoliten – Sofia” use our software solutions.

Since 2015 the company makes its way into software for Industry Automation. This includes the control of a production line which consisted of robots, other machines with Computer Numerical Control (CNC), transport etc.

Since 2016 TELECONT develops a solution for supervision and control of trains – Centralized Traffic Control (CTC). This is a pilot project with 16 railway stations and will be deployed in the middle of 2019.


Quality Management

TELECONT’s quality management comprises all activities of the company including: design, production, delivery and installation of control systems. It focuses on the customer, who is to be satisfied on a long-term basis by the highest quality possible of both products and services.

Official certification according to ISO 9001 is in place since 2006. It has been replaced by the most recent version ISO 9001:2015 in June 2017.

Certification partner is SGS Bulgaria Ltd., a part of the international SGS Group.